Jammin’ Today

Apricot Jammin’

It used to be that Jammin’ Apricots took all day. . . I’ve gotten so far on the other side of the fence, that I can’t remember if that is because I did 20 or more quarts; (Who would eat all that jam?!) or if it’s because it’s just me and Mike, and two sleepy dogs in the house now.

Apricot jam supplies
Jam Fixins

Whatever the reason, I started at 9:30 and it’s not even noon yet- and it’s done. Maybe I just know the routine a lot better; I think I could do it in my sleep after 30 years practice. I love the look of the finished jam cooling on my counter. The smell of the sweet mixture boiling on the stove is so soothing. Great guitar music of Antoine Dufour  playing on the stereo, (Thanks Jessebird), and I’m a happy camper in my kitchen.

Apricot Jam in bottles.
Summer Joy, Apricot Jam

The very best part is sharing with all the people I love, throughout the year; Kids in Oregon and their inlaws, Jesse away at school, Matthew when he slows down long enough to carry a bottle on his longboard :) and Coleman for his everloving peanut butter sandwiches. And possibly my favorite to treat is Uncle Evan; who carefully said my jam may even surpass Grandma Hazel’s!!! Whoa, that’s an amazing compliment, so I always save several jars for him.

Love summertime jammin!

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