Thanks Bing! and Alt Online Classes!

Bing is offering free classes in July to bloggers at Altitude Design Summit. The Alt online classes are looking really good this summer. I am hoping to take the class on “BRINGING HOME THE BACON WHEN YOUR BLOG ISN’T HUGE” by Melanie Blodgett. I’ve been looking for a job for several months since returning to school and receiving my Associates Degree but, the jobs are just not out there. I love writing and blogging has been such a great environment and community; I would really like to learn more about it and improve both of my blogs: this one and – making it a full time endeavor!

There are so many classes to choose from in July, it is hard to select which would fit best but, I think I have it narrowed down, and with Bing making it possible to take them for free it should be a great resource.



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