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Sauerkraut with Beets and Purple Cabbage

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This month I’m enjoying experimenting with different sauerkrauts. This is a beautiful red one made of purple cabbage and beets. These are two of our favorite vegetables and this recipe from Feremented Vegetables, by the Shockeys really caught my eye.

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Fermented Vegetables by the Shockeys

I made one of their lemon dill krauts last summer, and it was Deeeelicious. I’m used to making Roht Kohl, a German dish with purple cabbage, bacon and onions in the winter to go with our roasts and chops, so this one seemed like a winner from the start. It has been fermenting on the counter for a week, and I did a taste test today. Yummmmm!

Sourdough success from a wild yeast start

Sourdough // wild yeast // baking bread at The Business of Home
Sourdough Start -1 year later.

Last winter I started making sourdough bread, from a wild yeast start of my own. It took many tries, but in November of 2014, I finally had success. I got the directions and inspiration from Jennifer McGruther’s book the Nourished KitchenOne of my favorite books. She put me on a path of healthier eating, determined to eliminate some poor health issues.

Fermented foods // bone broth // traditional cooking // Jennifer McGruther- the Nourished Kitchen at the Business of Home.
the Nourished Kitchen / McGruther

Mom made the BEST sourdough bread every Sunday, but unfortunately, the start she gave me years ago didn’t survive the years, and she’s gone now. At home it’s just Mike and I and I’m comitted to keeping this one going. Bread baking has always been good for my soul.

Sourdough bread // fresh baked at The Business of Home
Fresh Bread Therapy

So fermenting vegetables seemed to be a natural progression to follow. I’ve been a canner of fruits and vegetables all through my childraising days, and now I’m ready to try this “New” old way of preserving.

Tell me, have you tried fermented vegetables? Are you curious about their benefits? Do you want to know more about them? Let me know in the comments and I will try to put you in touch with some good resources.

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