Well That Was Fun!

Christmas Cookies
Christmas Cookies

I feel like I’m still in Christmas mode, even though the family has gone home, and the preparations are over. The celebration is still alive and well in my being!

Christmas Cookies
Mama’s Cake Plate and Our Christmas Cookies

Each request for treats and feasting was met, and we had time together with some of our kids and family. We used this amazing technology to be close to the ones who are far away, and the giggles and smiles were shared and remembered. I could see and hear the joy on everyone’s heart. It really was a fun Christmas.

In  The Kitchen Baking!
In The Kitchen Baking!

Now I look forward to holding on to that creative momentum to paint, draw, and create glass-work, and maybe even finish the kitchen remodel!! It will be a good New Year with memories of this Christmas to keep me going.

How did your Christmas celebrations motivate you this year?

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