Healing for the New Year


A year of healing at Mike Dumas Copper Designs.
Healing and Hope

When I posted this picture, my niece recognized it as an aloe and said “We could all use some healing.” It’s been a year of losses; loved ones/relationships, familiar patterns and health.

Once again we’ve said goodbye to family and friends we love. We’ve struggled with health issues and tough decisions. But more than that, we’ve seen joy come out of sorrow, and helped each other get through hurting times, as has this whole world.

This is the rhythm of life. Moving through the moments with a deep breath-holding on to what we know to be sacred. The beginning of Healing is HOPE.

Homestead Additions

Milk goats added to the family at Copperandglass Homestead
Welcome to Copperandglass Homestead

Our hope for this year is a new beginning in some of our old ways.  We welcomed Subi and Ella Belle to our garden this year, bringing us back to our homesteading roots. They’re milk goats. We should have babies in the Spring.


Some of the best resources I’ve found online for raising goats are Weed ’em & Reap and Fias co FarmThey both offer solid information on natural practices, as well as great communications when I have a question.

Two great books on my shelf are– Storeys Guide to Raising Dairy Goats and Storeys Guide to Raising Chickens.

We used to raise sheep, and because of that I had the best compost I’ve ever used from those girls. Goats are a great source of everything needed for a healthy garden. They have me exercising daily, and composting like a crazy woman in anticipation of Spring.

A Buff Orpington hen at copperandglass Homestead.
A Wee Farm Welcome

We also culled our flock and have some new layers on our “Wee Farm”. They’re already growing fast and working the garden. We have six Buff Orpingtons and three Silver Wyandottes to keep our Americana hen and rooster company. They will be sharing the coop with six Old English Bantams, just because I love the wee eggs they produce. They seem to be great bug eaters without destroying the whole garden.

Utah Farm Conference

I’m really looking forward to attending the Utah Farm Conference to feed my hunger for learning more about farming on my small scale. There’s so much to learn and even more to enjoy in this season of my life.

The new year promises new experiences, aiming for a better way of life, and time spent “living a quiet life, minding our own business, and working with our hands.” 1 Thess. 4:11

What are you doing to heal your wounds this year; I know you have them. We all do. I hope you’ll keep reading about our little corner of the planet, and take some Hope away with you.

Forever hopeful,


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