Morning Smoothies!

Good Morning Smoothies . . .

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Morning Smoothies

Morning smoothies are my new favorite. It’s a new year and new life lessons are behind and ahead of me. One of the best things I know to make healthy changes in my life is to focus on nutrition. There’s always something new to learn.

Our son introduced me to Green Smoothies last year. I keep his dog somedays while he goes to work, so Duke doesn’t have to be home alone. (Little critters don’t enjoy that for long.) Coleman makes smoothies every morning and started bringing me one. The dogs and I would head out for our morning walks, and I found new energy after drinking the smoothies.

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I’ve really enjoyed researching and experimenting with them on my own, and have since shared their benefits with other family and friends. One of the best places I’ve found for information and inspiration is Simple Green Smoothies. These girls have done their homework, and set up a great team to build their foundation.

I’ve started heading for the vege aisle of my grocery store first and I get excited to see what’s new and in season to add to my smoothies.

I used to juice veges for our evening “cocktail” but found it to be so much work for just a little glass of delicious. Most of the $$ I was spending on the veges seemed to be going to the compost pile, but with our Vita Mix blender and Smoothie blends, their is Zero waste and a really satisfying glass of great flavor.

I choose organic veges and fruits whenever I can find them. I experiment with flavors we like. I freeze mixes of greens and fruits for easy prep in the morning, and love to add my Doterra Essential Oils for extra boosts of flavor and health benefits.

Have you added any new boosts to your eating habits lately? What is your favorite and how has it helped you stay on a healthy path? Please share in the comments below so we can all benefit.

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