Red Acre Cabbage

Red Acre Cabbage

Hands down, the most beautiful plant in the garden is purple cabbage, and mine is doing so well for June this year! I credit the great compost pile in the corner of the garden. I haven’t had cabbage this full and healthy this late in the season since I had sheep to raise and little boys at home to help. I have been growing Red Acre for several years now and it seems to do the best in my garden.

My mom and I used to love to go out early in the morning when she was staying with us, and ooh and ahh at the colors, and the incredible way the leaves of the cabbage just flow over one another. I am anxious to try this one in watercolor. It looks so soft and inviting.

Acorn Squash

Down the row is the first Acorn squash forming on the vine. This little plant is right beside the corn patch, and has also done very well for not being in the main watering stream; Compost again. It keeps the soil healthy and moist, and is also beginning to change the red sandy dirt we call home, to rich brown loam.

Summer is just beginning to truly heat up, and I am determined to keep my garden thriving without a killer water bill. (Copper and I walked to the city office this morning to pay the bill, and it was nice and cool when we left, but already very warm by our return at 8:30.) Compost should be a great start. Mulching will be next.

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