Wee Hours Vintage

Yogurt Maker

It’s the wee hours and I woke up to harvest some manna. My vintage Salton yogurt maker has been cultivating pure gold as I slept. Normally, this is a day job, but today I got caught running errands, waiting in lines, dodging traffic; the usual Holiday madness, and it left me with little time in the sanctuary of my kitchen. I didn’t get my yogurt into the mix until supper time, and it can’t be rushed. 10 hours means 10 hours, so I set my alarm to finish my work.

The result is a smooth, creamy, delicious plain yogurt that I will top with fresh blackberries and a drizzle of honey for breakfast. Tomorrow I will make a fresh batch of granola to go with the tart Granny Smith apples I bought today, and another dollop of yogurt. This ambrosia is also delicious in place of sour cream in my beans and rice dish with chiles and cheese. That’s another post for another day. Tonight it’s into the fridge with my treasure and back to sleep until daylight.

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