Summer Fruits

Applesauce for Grandbaby

Our grandson is coming to visit. He’s six months old! A neighbor gave me a bag of Golden Delicious apples right off her tree . . . and Mike said to turn them into applesauce, and I did. They were so sweet they didn’t need anything. I just cooked them in some filtered water and mashed them. Then I bottled them for my baby.

I can’t wait for him to get here. I want to be the first one to feed him and I want to see his face when he tastes Grammy’s homemade applesauce. I have listened to him enjoy his meals over the phone, and even got to watch him eat on Skype, but there is nothing like the fun of feeding a baby and seeing first hand how much they enjoy summer fruit.

Bottled Peaches
Bottled Peaches

I bottled a few peaches too. The tree in the back is gnarley and dry, but for the last two years it has produced the most delicious and pretty little peaches. I bottled them with a light sugar syrup, so they probably won’t be for the baby, but his Daddy and Grandpa will love them.

One of the only few good things of summer in this desert; Fresh Fruit.

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