On Aging with Grace

As we get older, God blesses us with failing vision and bones that don’t move so fast. How is this aging with Grace?

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Grandparents Sacred Joy

Time spent with our granddaughter is priceless. She’s 2, very energetic and full of imagination. She treats us as if we are her treasures, and not the other way around.

When her Dad was a little boy I was continually chasing the dust bunnies, red dirt footprints, and dirty dishes. He and his four brothers filled my days, but when those noisy little bodies left home and went out into the world to be their awesome selves, the house became too big and too quiet.

My prayers for quiet became a deep longing for their company, for gathering around our table, for endless conversation.

The blessings of aging with Grace

And in steps a grandchild-full of life and wonder. This curious little independent soul has my day planned out before she gets here, and I’m all in.

Granddaughter tending to the dairy goats at coperandglasshomestead.
Little Dairy goat Farmer

We have games to play that are totally made up. They require only a few simple toys, but a ton of imagination. We have chickens and goats to check on. She greets them from the back gate as she marches out to their pens like it’s her responsibility to know they are being cared for. They get soft “pats”, special treats that she forages from the garden, and quiet conversation.

But her parents are knee deep in parenting and giving her their best. She can be a stinker when her demands aren’t met, as ANY two year old can. They wonder if she really has been the little angel we claim she was all day.

A change in priorities

God blesses us with failing vision and bones that don’t move so fast. Those dust bunnies and red dirt trails don’t hold a place of honor in my priorities anymore, (because I don’t see them). The piles of dishes mean we’ve been gathering and making delicious things happen together. Sore bones mean I am happy to just sit and play with her. I know I’ll get around to the cleaning eventually, and she’s learning to help in the very best ways. This is aging with Grace.

Aging with Grace is a sacred joy at mealtime.

A grandparent’s joy is sacred. The ‘child of my child’ gets our undivided attention for such a little while. Her parents are amazing, and it shows in the way she loves us.

What is your most treasured way to remember that Aging with Grace is a well earned blessing? Do you spend time with family, or dive in to long awaited hobbies and interests? Do you travel or, like me, decide it’s never too late to live a dream (Homesteading)? Please share in the comments below. I’d love to know I’m not alone ;)

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