Raising Boys or “A Million Children”

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Raising Boys

I was recently asked by a young mom, raising two beautiful little boys, “How did you do it with a million of them?” One is sick . . . again, and one is teething and suffering, and no one is sleeping much. Oh . . . my heart broke for her. My response was with a chuckle, “I don’t really remember anymore. They’re all that big now,” pointing to her sleepy eyed husband. I thought to myself how quickly the time had passed.

Pondering the question

I thought about that question for the rest of the day. How did I raise my five boys with confidence and make it through all the sleepless . . . YEARS?

I did the best I knew how, never perfectly, and never without struggles. Just the best I could. I lost my temper and I failed to see the joy in the little things. I made big and little mistakes.

I also gave them my heart and soul. I made the hard decisions that only a mom can make when she sees THEIR heart and soul. I kept moving when I didn’t have any strength or energy, and they needed my endurance. I smiled deep inside my being at the little things no one else could see them do. Our private moments are sacred to me and etched deep in my memory. I lost track of the times I asked God to forgive me for losing it, but I remember how often He reminded me I’m human.

Moms are Human

I let them see me cry when my rope was frayed, and I let them hear me laugh when the world was a circus. I shared my love of the simple things in life with them, and taught them that they could do anything they set their minds on. I loved raising boys. I believed in them . . . always.

I am so proud of the men they have become. They make mistakes, and they have great accomplishments. They cry when they’re broken, and they laugh wholeheartedly at the world and themselves. They are the crowning glory of their Dad’s and my love for each other, and we cherish them.

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My Million Children

Raising Boys with Confidence

Being a parent is a constant learning experience, and it cannot be categorized and cataloged. We are given charge of a small human being every day, every hour, and every moment for a stretch of time. We have to listen to our instincts and be content with our doubts and fears, and move. Just move in the direction that feels right. And then breathe and move again. And each time we think we have it figured out? . . . The universe throws us a curve ball and reminds us we are not in charge. Each child is a different master piece, and will draw a different response from our well.

I say, to young parents, drink deep at that well and just believe. Believe in yourself, in your commitment to your child, in your ability to keep moving, and when the millionth child has left your nest . . . rest.

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