Old Passions Renewed

Gustavus Inn 1974

Long ago and far away, I discovered a passion for drawing. Some wonderful High School art teachers, and my mother turned the lights on for me with drawing and painting experiences and materials. Our small rural community and the surrounding countryside filled my days with subject matter in old buildings and plant life. I loved the meditative quality of drawing barn-wood and wild grasses.

The summer I graduated from high school I was given the opportunity to travel to Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, and stay with my best friend at her sister and brother-in-law’s home. They worked for the Park Service and my friend worked in the Lodge kitchen. I got a job bussing tables there, but soon found myself drawn to the dirt-roads and forests with my little instamatic camera and sketch book. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my young life.

Recently, my friend gave me two pen and ink drawings I had done 30 some years ago. One was my rendition of the Gustavus Inn and another of an old wooden building there. Gustavus is a beautiful little fishing village not far from the Park, and the whole area is just mesmerizing. I’m glad to see the Inn is still there and owned by the same family.

Floating Wannagin (Legend says)

My friend had found these drawings in her storage and had prints made for me and also for herself and her family members. What an honor. She gave me the originals as well.

I have since returned to college and have the privilege of taking drawing and painting classes again. My goal this semester is to fill another sketchbook with wonderful old buildings, nature and my homage to aging things.



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