Aspen Glass

Aspen Pitcher

It was my intention to create a pendant light from this beautiful aspen looking glass to go with some wall sconces we had made previously. I do the glass work and Mike works his magic with copper to accent the pieces.

As I opened the kiln, I sighed a bit thinking I had another “mistake” on my hands. The form was not uniform as a pendant, and the shape seemed very different from the mold I had started with. As I reached in and lifted the glass from the kiln, and turned it upside down on the table, it took my breath away. It turned out to be this most beautiful pitcher with perfect spout and handle folds, which I never could have anticipated.


Aspen Pitcher

Mike added a wonderfully unique chaparral and copper handle to the piece and I am still staring at it in awe. I love fusing glass and wondering like a kid, what will come out of that magical space.

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