English 3180 9/9/2012 Game Script

I’ve been assigned to write a video game script. Thank God this isn’t for pay! I’d starve. The first thing I had to do was to learn what a video game script is. That took about a week and a half of questions and searches. Thankfully, Dr. Haendiges showed us one on Friday, and my confusion subsided.

I think I might use my dogs as a jumping off point for this story. They are definitely characters. My main character will be Copper.

Copper the Border Collie

She is so funny and full of different personality quirks. She sort of inhabits a world of her own.

Copper with a smile.
Copper Smiling

She had a full life before we brought her home from the dog pound and no one really knows her story, but she is definitely attached to me and she is glad to be in a safe home. She had so many insecurities in the beginning. It has been fun to see her relax . . . a little; the anxieties still linger in her and she is definitely a neurotic mess sometimes. I think she embodies all of my worst qualities, so I have to be patient with her. She makes me laugh at myself, and at her.


Our other dog is Guido. He’s the old man. He puts up with Copper, but doesn’t really love her. I think, sometimes, he wonders what the Hell I was thinking when I brought her home. They are such a pair and a great story in themselves.

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