Husband in the Kitchen . . . Heaven!

Mike in the Kitchen
Mike in the Kitchen

This is a picture of Mike in the kitchen, something I only dreamed about for many years. It is such a gift to see him not only in the kitchen, but comfortable being there.

He is brewing beer; a new hobby he has acquired and one that requires a couple of hours of standing and following directions. This is not the only thing he does in the kitchen, but one that has given him an appreciation for the time it takes to create goodness and sustain us physically.

Since I have been pulled away from home over the last couple of years to get an education and to work and make extra money, he has shown his skill and understanding time and again. He seems to notice my tired red eyes, and my swollen sore feet. He cooks dinners and washes dishes, and even swiffers the extra dog that lingers in piles in our kitchen.

There’s something very appealing about a man in the kitchen, especially when it is my man, whether it’s a batch of beer he’s brewing (and he always makes sure my favorite dark beers are in the mix), or seasoning up a pot of soup to warm my heart.

Do your men feel at home in the kitchen? What do they like to create?

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