Thunder Storms

Thunder Clouds
Thunder Storm

Can you hear it? That deep rolling thunder that sneaks up on a summer afternoon? I’m in the garden; stirring the compost and planting lettuce and the trees around me start to sway. The drum-roll in the distance is mesmerizing.

Rainfall from the Distant Clouds
Rainfall in the Distance

I look up and see the sheets of rain falling in the distance. They’re somewhere over the Washington Fields. I woke up this morning at 5:45 to the boom of a thunder storm marching in from the Southwest. It was followed by a downpour. I got the chicken feeder in from the rain just in time to save some for my girls.¬†Mike slept through the whole thing, and by the time he was up, the sun was out and the day was bright and muggy. I felt like I had been given a secret treasure-me and the Tanager family that came in from the rain for a brief rest at the mint garden. And now the symphony is back.

Who doesn’t love a summer thunder storm in the desert?!

Scared Dog
Scared Girly

Oh yeah . . . . She’s been there most of the day. Her safety zone.


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