Compost Treasures

Coffee Grounds Goodness

Today I went into the Bean Scene in St. George to get a Pomegranate Green Tea, and I picked up some compost gold for my garden. Their coffee grounds are rich and fresh, they use unbleached filters; which are a great addition to the garden, and they give me a bucket full for my compost pile whenever I go.

I mix the grounds with my neighbor, Maas’, horse manure from horses fed certified weed free hay. Then I mix it all up with my kitchen scraps and anything I’m trimming in the garden. The result is Garden Gold.

Buttercrunch Lettuce

Already this year I’m harvesting sweet Buttercrunch lettuce, and the roses are as bright and fragrant as ever.

Red Rose

This one is next to the gate on the way to the shop and it is such a treat to see and smell every day. I love the smell of fresh earth when I turn the compost pile, and can’t wait to see the results of the garden when the corn and tomatoes are ripening in the summer. So glad to be getting my hands dirty again, and feasting on real veges from the garden.

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