Patience Rewarded

Plum Blossoms

We pruned the flowering plum a couple of weeks ago, and I put the branches in a vase of water, set them on an old bench by my garden seedlings, . . . . . . . . and waited.


And waited. . .


And finally!!!!. . .


They bloomed! The deepest most beautiful crimson buds burst open with delicate pink blooms. They are so subtle and beautiful. They remind me of my stained glass because they change in the different light shining through the windows. They are tissue paper delicate, yet vibrant and bold with the contrast of the branches deep purple.

Flowering Plum Blossoms

Spring is right around the corner. The lilacs will bloom and the roses will bud. It’s exciting to capture this little preview in my own kitchen garden. It is patience rewarded.

Patience Rewarded

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