Essential Oils

Essential Oils and Seasonal threats-Releif

Seasonal threats can rob us of joy. We have so much pollen to contend with in our beautiful desert. We have sage and pine, mulberry and lily, creosote and cedar. And that doesn’t even count for the grasses. Major discomforts make us want to stay indoors, and miss the perfect timing to enjoy the desert’s wonders. But essential oils can help.

Our poor little border collie suffers greatly with the effects of these natural pollinators, and I am starting to feel them too.

I am finding a lot of relief from the uncomfortable itching and with a few drops of lavender on my cheekbones, a touch of peppermint on my forehead and back of my neck, and I can work outside for a space of time without as much discomfort as I used to feel.

After Missie dog’s morning walk, I rub her paws with some lavender oil and along her spine and she calms right down.

The releif we get from the essential oils we have started using are very noticable and welcomed.

Essential oils are nothing new, just a focus on the botanical wonders that nature has supplied us with for millenia.